Population Administration Law – All About the 2021 Census

Population Administration Law

The Population Administration Law is one of the many general election laws that are passed each year. This particular law is established by the United States Federal Government in accordance to the provisions of insurgent census. This is actually a rule that has been around for quite a few years and was first put into place during the 1800s. Under this type of law, all governmental agencies, including local governments are obligated to maintain certain specified population data. The rule also says that in case the census data that is maintained is outdated then the respective jurisdictions would have to redo their previous records and this is going to take place in two different stages. Continue reading

Development Supervision Law

Development Planning and Supervision Law

Development planning and supervision law was enacted to protect the interests of local, state, federal and tribal governments that are involved in development projects. It aims to promote economic growth and to ensure public health, safety, environmental protection and quality of life. Basically, it is a set of laws that govern the interaction of people, organizations, businesses and government agencies during the process of developing a project. Some examples of these include the National Parks Service Act, the Department of Interior’s Office of Natural Resources Programs Act and the General Services Administration’s Office of Special Services Programs Act. Continue reading

Public Service Administration Law

Public Service Administration Law

Public Service Administration Law was established by executive order number 43. It is basically a branch of the government’s civil service laws. It governs how public employees are appointed, managed, and disciplined. There are several types of services that are governed by this law such as: health care, education, law enforcement, fire and police, labor, government records management, and public assistance. It is also responsible for administering parole, probation and any other similar programs. Continue reading

What to Expect When You Work With Lawyers

Lawyers practice in two main fields: law and accounting. In its most basic sense, the practice of legal law simply involves providing legal advice to clients on legal issues, drafting relevant legal documents for clients and defending such clients in court proceedings and negotiation. The second area of specialization is that of financial law, with the specialization being in the area of corporate law.

Lawyers Practice


In terms of specific areas of specialization, lawyers practice either criminal law or civil law. Criminal lawyers deal with cases involving the state’s penal system, while civil lawyers deal with cases concerning the private parties’ property, rights and privileges. Certified attorneys also practice labor law and family law. Continue reading

What Are The Crime In Economics And How It May Affect Your Economy

There are many areas in economics where crime has a major impact on the economy. The area of criminal justice is perhaps one of the most important to study because it includes aspects such as corrections, law enforcement, and the economy in general. The issues surrounding crime and the effects that it has on society is indeed very important for those who want to advance in the field of economics.

Crime in Economics


The United States has a lot to do with crime rates throughout the world. The high crime rates in the US has significantly reduced the economies of other countries who are experiencing similar issues. For instance, Mexico’s economic growth has been severely impacted by drug violence. The drugs that are being used to create these super-powerful weapons have killed over 30,000 people over the last five years alone. Mexico is not just one of the countries experiencing this issue, it is affecting many economies. Continue reading